Errors when starting published Microsoft Office applications

The Problem
When our users started a published Office product, they received an error. Word 2013 displayed this error:

Microsoft Word: Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable.

Excel 2013 gave us this error:

Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk […]

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How to defragment a PVS image disk file

When you have created a new image or merged an image to a new base image in PVS it is best practice to defragment the vDisk (.VHD) file. Defragmenting a versioned vDisk (.AVHD) is not recommended. If you defragment a versioned vDisk (.AVHD) you will end up with a large vDisk file.

So how can we […]

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Citrix UPS and “Page to small to print on one line”

After installing Citrix Universal Print server and configuring it, you happily open Notepad to do a test print. Somewhat disappointed you get this error message:

“Page too small to print one line. Try printing using a smaller font.”

This is not what you hoped for, so you open Microsoft Word and try to print a document here […]

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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop exit codes

When installing a XenDesktop or XenApp you should always automate the installation. This to make sure you always install the server in the exact same way and that the servers are identical. As a bonus, you will also have some spare time to do some other things. However, when you automate it is important to […]

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Redirected Folders & Desktop.ini

With Windows 7 and later, redirecting the Documents, Music & Pictures folders to the users home folder ends up looking like a mess on the file server as every user folder will end up with "Documents" as the display name, which is changed by the desktop.ini file created. Here is a easy way to prevent […]