NetScaler Universal Gateway is a great product when you have a single public IP and want a secure way to publish several services. This article will focus on how you can do this by command line or quickly utilizing the example script below.

If you are like me, the lab is rebuilt pretty often. You test new products and new versions and need to recreate the environment in a fast way. To do this I created the script below which will configure a Universal Gateway on the NetScaler. I have commented what the script does and what you should change before you run it in your environment.

To prepare for the script you need to:

  • run the welcome wizard for the NetScaler
  • Install a certificate

This script is tested on NetScaler version 12.

As you can see I have configured the LDAP policy directly to a server and not using secure LDAP (LDAPS). To build more fault tolerance and enhance security you can create a LDAPS service which point to two or more LDAP servers using secure LDAP.

My next article will cover how to configure NetScaler as a RDP Proxy by using this script as a base.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find it useful.