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AppVClientStartupMaint.ps1 – Clean up them App-V packages!

Here's a little script for cleaning up MS App-V 5 packages at startup of provisioned machines.

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Errors when starting published Microsoft Office applications

The Problem
When our users started a published Office product, they received an error. Word 2013 displayed this error:

Microsoft Word: Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable.

Excel 2013 gave us this error:

Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk […]

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How to defragment a PVS image disk file

When you have created a new image or merged an image to a new base image in PVS it is best practice to defragment the vDisk (.VHD) file. Defragmenting a versioned vDisk (.AVHD) is not recommended. If you defragment a versioned vDisk (.AVHD) you will end up with a large vDisk file.

So how can we […]

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Retrieving disk UUID and Driveletter on a Virtual Windows machine.

I recently was working with a customer working on their automation of server provisioning and server maintence tasks.

And for the specific tasks such as expanding disks etc you need to have some sort of correlation between the VM disk UUID and the driveletter in Windows. You need to have enabled in the vm configuration that […]

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Citrix UPS and “Page to small to print on one line”

After installing Citrix Universal Print server and configuring it, you happily open Notepad to do a test print. Somewhat disappointed you get this error message:

“Page too small to print one line. Try printing using a smaller font.”

This is not what you hoped for, so you open Microsoft Word and try to print a document here […]

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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop exit codes

When installing a XenDesktop or XenApp you should always automate the installation. This to make sure you always install the server in the exact same way and that the servers are identical. As a bonus, you will also have some spare time to do some other things. However, when you automate it is important to […]

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Redirected Folders & Desktop.ini

With Windows 7 and later, redirecting the Documents, Music & Pictures folders to the users home folder ends up looking like a mess on the file server as every user folder will end up with "Documents" as the display name, which is changed by the desktop.ini file created. Here is a easy way to prevent […]

SCCM / MDT: ZTIWindowsUpdate

Windows updates in SCCM / MDT can be a challenge. Here are some pointers to get ZTIWindowsupdate script to work

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SCCM with MDT Eventservice

Using EventService in MDT/SCCM is a great way to track progress on baremetal deployment, but MDT is not compatible with all SCCM task steps. This post shows you how to get more info from SCCM to MDT Eventservice

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